Wednesday, September 16, 2015



Tom McCarthy 5 novels

Marlon James 3 novels

Sunjeev Sahota 2 novels

Hanya Yanagihara 2 novels

Anne Tyler 20 novels

Chigozie Obioma 1 novel

I feel Anne Tyler at 73 with 20 novels, all well received, could win the Man Booker Prize. It isn't 
unusual for an artist/writer to be honored for a lifetime achievement. Why is this on my mind?Considering the
competition, it surprised me to see Anne Tyler nominated.
Her novels are are tender, and her prose beautiful. The MAN BOOKER PRIZE is awarded to an exceptional literary work.

I personally have to yet read any of these novels, the views
expressed by the ladies on the ( WO ) MAN BOOKER Challenge
encouraged me to read each novel through their excellent reviews.


Bellezza Mjs said...

I enjoyed Anne Tyler's A Spool of Blue Thread enormously, after an interim where her books left me a bit cold. But, didn't you think the ending of Blue Thread was a bit...weird? I thought it so strange that it seemed to end, and then picked up again. I can't remember the specifics exactly, I just remember feeling startled. As to literature prizes, one can never anticipate what the judges will decide. For example, I never would have included Satin Island. But, then again, I'm just a reader. ;)

sylvie said...

Thank you for your feedback on Anne Tyler's novel. I have not read it, but will soon. I liked her first novels a lot, the later ones less, so your comment is welcome.
it will be interesting to see who wins.xox